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Canton Classes
Defensive Driving Class

 Reasons to attend the defensive driving course.  
  The 6 hour class cost $75. 

Insurance Discount 

Georgia law O.C.G.A. 33-9-42 states that no less than a 10 % reduction in insurance premiums shall be available to licensed drivers over the age of 25 years old providing that they have a clean driving record and have completed a DDS approved defensive driving class of no less than 6 hours in duration. For drivers under 25 years of age, please consult with your insurance company. 

Ticket Dismissal / Fine Reduction 

Some judges in the state of Georgia may dismiss a ticket or reduce the fine for a moving violation if the 6 hour defensive driving course is taken.

Under Age 21 License Suspension 

Completion of the 6 hour defensive driving class is required prior to license reinstatement for any driver under the age of 18 who has had their license suspended for 6 or more months due to accumulating 4 or more points on their driving record.

Point Reduction 

Georgia law states that drivers may take the 6 hour defensive driving class once every 5 years in order to reduce up to 7 points from their driving record. 

License Suspension 

Any Georgia driver that accumulates 15 or more points on their driving record within a 24 month period will have their license suspended until the completion of the 6 hour defensive driving class.

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